Background Facts & Figures

Owned by the Saad family, Ezulwini Game Lodgesare situated in the Private Balule Nature Reserve (approximately 50,000 hectares), which is part of the unfenced Greater Kruger National Park–an open conserved area of some 3,000,000 hectares (or 30,000 kmz, which is larger than Switzerland, Israel or Wales). Ezulwini traverses approximately 7,500 hectares (20,000 acres) of this western central region.

  • Ezulwini is home to the Big 7, (Lion, Leopard. Elephant, Buffalo, Rhino, Hippo and Crocodile) – and approximately 150 other mammal and 460 other bird species, making it one of the best spots in South Africa for bird watching!

  • Our Lodges are located in the mixed woodland eco-zone which houses a staggering variety of fauna and flora.  This land is home to exquisite (and often ancient) trees, grass and bush savannah.

  • The biodiversity of the region is extensive, supporting more than 2000 plant species including over 380 recognized tree species, (this represents 50% of all trees found in Southern Africa). There are more than 235 different species of grass.  This is a sweet-veld region supporting a high concentration and diversity of fauna.

  • There are also 33 species of amphibians, 49 fish, and 114 reptiles occurring in the area.

  • The topography is undulating, with seasonal rivers draining the area.  The region is of granitic origin, with quartz and dolerite intrusions and outcrops.

  • Riverine Forest – cutting across all the other eco-zones, there is a narrow band of evergreen vegetation, which needs a continuous water supply, i.e. reeds, sedge, water lilies, phreatophyte trees.  This eco-zone harbours many birds in the trees and water and also supports hippo, crocodile, fish, turtles, and other amphibious and aquatic animals.  The famous Olifants River which flows through Ezulwini is a prime example of this.

  • Billy’s Lodge is situated 400m above sea level and River Lodge 350m above sea level.

  • Rainfall occurs in the summer months, the days are hot and the nights warm, with average daily maximum temperatures of 30C/86F, (can be as high as 45C/113F) in the shade.  Winters are dry, the days are warm and the nights cold, with average daily minimum (night) temperatures of 8C/47F, (can be as low as 0C/32F.  The average daily maximum temperature is 23C/73F in the winter.